How do you delete a ROW or a COLUMN in a base?

How do you delete a ROW or a COLUMN in a base? The HELP for this says “right click and select Delete option.” When I right-click in a row or column, no such option appears. Anyone else experience this? Thank you.

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Hi @Edward_Newbold

To delete a ‘row’ right click in a field in the row and click Delete Record - for a Column (field) either right click on the field heading and select Delete Field or drop down the field options list and select the same.

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I leave the docs:


What if you are on a mac and you cannot right click?? There is no way to delete a record. Please advise, thanks

Not in the iOS app. You have to open the expanded view of the record, scroll to the bottom, hit “Delete record”, then confirm it. I wish swiping were an option, but that just slides the cards to the side.

If you use a three-button mouse on your Mac (like I do), you can right-click. If you’re using the “magic” mouse with no distinguishable buttons, I believe CTRL- or Option-click is the right-click equivalent. For deleting a field, click the small down arrow on the right side of the field header to bring up the same contextual menu that right-clicking would show.

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Mac user here: You don’t right click on the Mac. Just select the field and CTRL click.

You can do right click, with external mouse. Anyway, it means “secondary click”, whatever the way to do was.

Can we delete / disable header / title

Welcome to the community, @Krishna_Reddy_Ganta! :smiley: I’m afraid not. Field headers are always visible.