How to switch the test input record in automation scripting

Is there a quick way to switch which record is the test input for a script automation? Can’t seem to figure out how to change it, but makes it hard to build out a new automation on existing data if you don’t want to force modify old data! Currently, I’m trying to write an automation that is triggered when a form is submitted, but it’s testing on a row that wasn’t created by that form, which means nothing works quite like it should (nor should it!)

Update that I found a question/answer here: How to Select a Specific Record for Automation Testing
But I would really appreciate this being more controllable, to more easily test a variety of possible inputs.

The easiest method is to temporarily switch the trigger to a “when record meets conditions” field based off a checkbox field. Then, after you are happy with all of the actions, switch the trigger of the automation.

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