How to wrap text in the Page Designer Block?


I’m trying to figure out how to wrap text that’s in a grid view.

There doesn’t seem to be any control that allows for wrapping of text.

I’m having the same problem with Page Designer as I had within the table itself: linked fields can’t be wrapped and get cut off by the width of the column. Original problem in the table is in this topic:

How do I wrap this text? @Mohamed_Swellam you’d suggested that this was possible – how do you do that?


I believe you saw my reply at the end of that thread. Did you try adding the lookup field? When I add it and drop that lookup field into Page Designer, the text wraps. Then again, I can add the link field directly, and it also wraps. If you go with the latter option, change the Mode for the link field to “Inline” to get rid of the extra formatting.

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Hi Justin – I was able to create the lookup field within the same table and wrap that text that way. Thanks!

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