Import into linked records is blocked

Importing into a table (CSV, Excel, Pasted, etc.) with linked records will not allow mapping to linked records. The exact same data can be pasted into the GridView of the table and Airtable will expand the table to include the record count of the pasted data and correctly add the records to the table. The values for the linked records exist as would be expected by the paste into the GridView working properly.

I am I doing something wrong?


From your screenshot, it looks like Airtable won’t let you import into that linked record field because the primary field of the linked table is a formula field.

Seemingly, this is because Airtable wouldn’t be able to create new linked records in that other table if the value doesn’t already exist there.

However, importing records into linked record fields that are formula fields works 100% perfectly fine when using Airtable’s CSV Import App, so this is a major inconsistency between how the 2 different types of importing tools function.

With the CSV Import App (which does function properly), it simply leaves the link record field blank for any non-preexisting values.

So I would email to call their attention to this inconsistency (it seems like a bug to me), and for now, I would recommend using the CSV Import App instead:

The linked tables actually have short text primary fields. But I will definitely try the CSV Import App and contact support. Thanks!

The CSV import app works perfectly!

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Great! Be sure to email to report the other bugs that you have discovered!

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