Integromat deleting records by itself

So I created a relatively simple Integromat which involves taking records from Dropbox, uploading them to Google Drive, and then taking those Google Drive URLs and uploading them as attachments to Airtable. When I do this, most are uploaded fine. However, it shows that I, yes I (as in it shows my account name), delete some of the records. It’s inconsistent, as in sometimes it deletes one or two or three, or in cases of much larger samples up to half of them. It’s very annoying and I can’t figure out the issue. It only happens when I do the Integromat, so it is not an account compromising issue. It doesn’t delete the whole record, just the cell in the field in which the file itself is.

Edit: I’ve even tried a direct upload from Google Drive to Airtable and Airtable keeps deleting the records as “me”. This leads me to believe that this is an issue with Airtable and Google Drive, not Integromat.

This is a known issue. Someone found a solution and posted it here:

That solution doesn’t apply here. That user was having issues with JotForm links. I’m having trouble with Google Drive links, for which a solution there is not discussed.

Sorry. I was remembering this post from that thread:

I forgot that the solution ended up being geared toward Jotform, not Google Drive. Something tells me there’s another thread that’s more relevant, but I couldn’t find it via a quick search. Still, you might ping @Skyler_Proctor to see if a solution was ever found for the Google Drive issue.

Do you have any ideas on how I might solve this issue? Thanks.

I believe I’ve solved the issue! I just created a redundant step by instead having the uploaded Google URL be uploaded to separate table within the same base as a field in text format, and then having the text be uploaded to an attachment seen here All together I have a five module setup that goes: Dropbox (Watch) - Dropbox (Get file) - Google Drive (Upload) - AirTable (Create (URL)) - AirTable (Create (attachment)).

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Interesting workaround! Thanks for passing it along!

Never mind. Issue has come up again, thus lending to its inconsistency.

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