Is there a cost associated to adding an existing base collaborator to another base (within the same workspace)?



I would just like to follow up off an existing query I had surrounding pricing and the creation of new bases.

I’m currently on a professional workplace plan. Could I please clarify this line that is published on the Airtable pricing page, “Billing is based on the number of people who can edit (or comment on) at least one base in the upgraded workspace

… does this mean that if I have persons A, B, and C on Base X, then add all three people to base Y, there will be no extra charges as they’re already collaborators in at least one existing base (Base X) within the workspace?

All these people would have access that is more than that of Read-Only.

While the information on the Airtable website is clear and concise, I’d appreciate the clarification!

Thanks in Advance.



Yes, if A, B and C are not “Read only” collaborators.