Limit record selection to a view shows hidden fields

I would like to make it so members filling in a form can select their name or their organization’s name from a list in the database using “+add”. But I only want them to see an alphabetical list of member names and not information in any of the other columns. So I created a “member name only alphabetical” view in the database. Then on the form, I selected ‘limit record selection to a view’ and chose “member name only alphabetical”. But all the hidden fields are still showing up. I only wanted the alphabetical names to show. What am I doing wrong?
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Hi @Lee_Adamson and welcome back!

You always see more info in your form design view then the people who actually have to fill it in do. If you “preview” your form, you should only be able to see the data from your selected view.

Oh - so that’s the secret! Thanks very much for your help. I remembered that I had made it work before but couldn’t remember how I did it. Spent HOURS today struggling with it. Thanks so much!

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OK. This is the first time I used the Forum so thanks for the tip.

I ticked the solution box. If I didn’t do it correctly let me know.


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