Lock a particular view or views


I would love to be able to lock a view in a way that for further editing/filtering you first need to unlock it.


I would also love this functionality. I have created “Executive Views” for a couple of my airtables and I would like to lock them down so people cannot change the filtering or sorting.


Is such an option expected? i really would love to have such a feature of locked views


Any update on this? It would be a superb feature for us.


I agree.
It’s easy to change a view but it can be difficult to bring it back to the original if there are complex filters, sorts and groups, as well as the width and position of various fields. Much better to have the choice of locking a view.


Please please please add this


Please, please consider adding this feature soon. The views are SO HELPFUL to filter specific data that you’re tracking against but with many people collaborating on the bases it’s very difficult to maintain how they are set up. They can easily get changed even by mistake. A quick “are you sure you want to change this filter?” or “lock” in place would be really fantastic.


If you are on an Airtable Pro plan, you can create personal views which only you can edit. Other collaborators can use these views, but are unable to edit them.

If you have a view that you don’t want other collaborators messing with, I suggest that you make it a personal view.