Looking for a formula to remove text between parentheses


I am looking for a formula to remove text between parentheses.

For exemple, I would like to have :
Le nord (Chili) > Le nord
Le nord (Soudan) > Le nord
Le sud (Soudan) > Le sud

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile: !

Like this?



LEFT(Name, FIND("(", Name) -1)

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Great, thanks a lot !

But if I don’t have any parentheses, there is no more text …

A slight modification takes care of that:

IF(FIND("(", Name), LEFT(Name, FIND("(", Name) -1), Name)

EDIT: Removed extra parentheses.


Thanks for your help but it seems that something is missing…

IF(FIND("(", Nom complet)), LEFT(Nom complet, FIND("(", Nom complet) -1), Nom complet))

Two things…

  1. I didn’t double-check my parentheses and left too many in there. Fixed above.
  2. When referring to a field with spaces in its name, Airtable requires you to wrap curly braces around the field name.

With these fixes in place, your formula should be:

IF(FIND("(", {Nom complet}), LEFT({Nom complet}, FIND("(", {Nom complet}) -1), {Nom complet})
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Perfect, thanks a lot for your help !!

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