Lookup Fields in a Form


I’ve got a form where I allow people to select a church from another table. Once they’ve made a selection I wanted to display some of the results from their selection on the same form they’re filling out. However, in the Form Build view I cannot even add these Lookup Fields to the Form. I did not think this was a limitation.

Can someone please speak to this…? Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to display a lookup field (or any type of computed fields) in Airtable form. Might not be ideal, but you can add a view url instead. This would require users to switch between tabs back and forth though.

As @Moe indicated, Airtable forms are pretty basic. To do what you want, you can use @openside’s On2Air: Forms add-on for Jotform. There may be other options, but that’s the one I’m the most familiar with.

OK. Thank you, both, very much for making time.

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