Make it possible to colour input columns in an airtable sheet

In a sheet with a lot of columns and formulas added, it difficult to easily identify the input columns from columns that are automatically populated through formulas, roll-ups and look-up functions.

It would be useful to be able to colour code the header label/icon of a column or an entire vertical column:

When customising a column/field type it if the user could assign a colour to the column. This could colour code the header, icon or perhaps the entire column (similar to the appearance when a column is used for sorting).

OR: Perhaps this could even be automated eg. Field types that populate column with automated data (eg. look-up, formula and roll-up field types) could have a different coloured icon/header/column to the columns where data needs to be manually input.

This would make it clearer which are input columns vs automated formula columns. For example, when creating creating an excel spreadsheet I would always colour code the input columns codes to make these easy to identify against the automated columns that users don’t need to touch.

Many thanks


Agreed. I would be curious if there is a way to better highlight ‘data entry’ fields. My current workaround is to create a ‘data entry’ view with only those fields needed as visible.

We also have over 50 columns in some of our tables. We’d like to be able to “group” columns together and assign colours to them for easier viewing and recognition.