Making edits on data received via airtable form, without changing source table?

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I have a simple use case,

I have an airtable form receiving submissions. I can see the submissions in grid view in the same table. But now I want to make changes to those submissions without changing the original submissions. How do I do that?

What I tried,
Creating sync table in the same base, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

Help appreciated.

Hi @Sachin_Mittal, and welcome to the community!

One word - Script. You need to establish a transactional log that secures the original version of the submission. You do realize that this is an underlying feature of Airtable, right? It versions every change.

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If you need to make a copy of your original data, you can just create another table, and then copy & paste your data into that new table.

You can do this manually, or through Airtable’s automations, or by writing a JavaScript, or by using a no-code automation platform like Integromat.

Thanks for getting back @ScottWorld,

That’s straightforward, but my DB keeps changing every hour. So, this solution is not feasible.

Hey yo, @Bill.French

How should I do it, please share any example/ tutorial if you have one.

Airtable record versions, def but the problem is,
I want to add columns to that table, and when I add them to the table,
the column shows up in the airtable form as well. Changing the original form
that is fetching the data.

That’s why you would automate the process, as I previously mentioned above.

These are two very different questions. The former refers to the data submitted; the latter refers to the data elements being collected.

Is “it” the first requirement or the second requirement?

Oh lol yes! You are right.

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