Markdown Syntax for the Outlook: Send Email automation

Perhaps I am just completely missing something but I have been attempting to set up an automated outlook email to send certain notifications to some of our customers.

Most of the formatting I have been able to find in the link provided in the automation on Airtable’s markdown syntax. The only thing I am struggling with is line breaks.

The documentation states that “Every line break will be treated as a hard line break”. When I test out the email by sending it to myself, I notice, that everything, regardless of how many line breaks I manually put in to the preview, comes out with only a single line break.


In the example above, ideally, there would be an extra space / line break between the statement above it and the word “Sincerely” itself.

Just curious if anyone had a solution or additional information on this matter?

Thank you for the help in advance!

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Frustrating issue for me, too. They seem to be paragraph breaks only, not line breaks (even when added from a long text field containing multiple line breaks).

I found a workaround, though: you need to use a whitespace character or non-space blank character on a standalone line for the same effect as a line break. If it’s in a formula, you should wrap it with “\n” to create line breaks above and below the invisible character.

The one that’s worked best for me is Braille pattern dots-0 which I just copied into Airtable from Wikipedia. You can “see it” in action in the screenshot here:

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