Maximum base size

Hi, we are just getting started, but before moving our business data over and relying on airtable, I have a question regarding the maximum size of a base.

From what see there is a max of 50,000 rows (records)
We are currently generating 6,000 rows per month in our existing excel sheets, which means we will run out of space in a bout 6 months (not idea)

Perhaps there’s a way to create a base for each month, or each quarter by duplicating the current base, (without data, or copy then delete the data)

But… from what I understand I will not then be able to report across bases, the reporting is based in a single base.

Here is some context…

We manage out bound email campaigns,
Each campaign we send can contain up to 8 links within the body of the email)
on average 3 links

We track the number of clicks received on each of the links
15 lists x 4 campaigns x 3 links x 31 days = 5,580

That’s how we get to approx 6k rows per month

I would love to hear any thoughts, comments or suggestions

Thanks for your help and support