Modify Slack notifications to exclude updates made from my own account?

I created a spreadsheet to track all my incoming requests, both to keep myself organized and for visibility across the rest of the team, and I integrated it with Slack so that I can be notified immediately whenever someone makes a new request. Slack also notifies me whenever I make a change though, which is unnecessary and clutters my channel. Is there anyway to modify the Slack integration to exclude any updates to the sheet that were made by my account?

Do you mean it notifies you when you add a record to your Base?

If so, I don’t think it is possible to access the User that created a record in Airtable or Zapier. I would probably add a Checkbox field that you can check when it is you that added the record. Then create a View that filters out the records that you have checked. So only records that other people have added will appear in this View. You can then use this View as the trigger for your Zap.