Month/Year Only Option for Calendar View


When choosing the calendar field type, it has various format options but they all include the day. I would like to have an option to just include month and year.

Use cases:

  1. In an employee directory, I’d like to have when they started with the company but most people don’t know date.

  2. Indicating when a client joined us or when their renewal month is.


You could set the day to 01, and ignore the day part when you’re looking at the data.

Alternatively use a single line text, e.g. 2016-10 will display and sort nicely.


Did you ever find out a way to solve this? I would like to achieve the same thing. And would still like it to show it as a real date, so I can filter it as such.
Thank you.


I’m sorry, I never did figure out a way.


I also would like to see this feature added soon. A date field where the format is only month and year.