Partner / Carrier Database

Hello, we are entering a new phase of business. We operate an uber like business.

We have a list of outer UK postcodes, with sub regions etc. We have around 400 companies / partners.

We need to allow partners to sign up, and select the postcodes that they operate in, as well as define their prices for 3 services in these areas.

Then I want to be able:

a) to lookup a postcode and service and see who offers the lowest price service for that area
b) to see all the carriers that operate in that area, this would be to distribute

@Bill.French fyi you legend any thoughts

Yep, this suggests a link relationship from the partner record to the postcode database, a table that must be complete and support the sub-code areas too.

Since there’s a fixed number of service fees (3) there’s no reason to further abstract this data as a separate table unless each service has varient rates. Just create the three service tier fields for the pricing.

Given a specific postcode, it should be easy to reverse the relationship - i.e., list all partners where postcode matches and the three fees.

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