3 different views, but they all change when I edit one in the lookup field

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6 - Interface Innovator

Thought this was a no brainer, create 3 different views & lock them down. Example: 3 different yearbooks, one of three views applies to each yearbook. However, when I edit one it affects all of the views. Need to show only student pages that are related to each yearbook. In the lookup field, I pick a field to filter by and it works for one yearbook. But when I edit a second view (second yearbook) it changes the first view (first yearbook) to reflect the second view.

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Views always show you the same records (but in different ways). Sounds like you need to create more records, not more views.

I discuss this in the “Working with Views” chapter of my Learning Airtable course:

hey ScottWorld, I understand that views just massage the same records. All the records are created, just need to see them in a different way.

The way to do this would be to change your filters on each view, so you have a completely different filter applied to each view.