Performance / loading time for tables


Hey there,

we’re just starting using Airtable a bit more intensive than in the past. One of the biggest issue we are facing is performance when switching between tables.

Our customer table only contains around 3000 rows of data but it takes 3-5 secs at a minimum to load each time we switch to other tables. There are connections to another table with around 8000 rows which are linked to the customers but I can’t believe it is checking these connections on every reload/switch to other tables, is it?

If so the problem would only get worse with growing numbers and we could just stop using Airtable again.

Any other idea?


In your situation, to reduce loading times, we recommend keeping different tables open in separate browser tabs/windows. Let me know if that helps!


Thanks, this is indeed a good idea that could have come to my mind earlier :slight_smile:


I have a similar problem, just starting with airtable and trying to decide if this is a good place to start a shared record system. I have to say that loading times are super slow even though I haven’t really got any records starting. It concerns me since I’m now on high speed and at times am travelling where I will be accessing on a cell network. I love the concept of this app but am seriously questioning whether it’s fast enough to make work.


Purely anecdotal, but early yesterday I consistently ran into long load times and repeated disconnects; by late afternoon (PDT) the issue seemed to have cleared, and so far today things have been back to normal. If you’re commenting based primarily on the past few days, there may have been something going on behind the lines…