Populating Single Select

I believe this question is about whether or not it can be automatically populated. At least that’s my question and what I think several others want to do.

For example, I have a linked field in one of my tables that has a (single) lookup value populated (let’s call it Field A). In the SAME table, I have another field (let’s call it Field B) that I have created as a single select dropdown. I would like the dropdown field (B) to contain the exact same value as Field A for that record. Because I want them to be the same, I want to automate by somehow designating that when the record is created (or when Field A is populated), Field B should populate with the same data.

In my case, I want to do this because there is no color coding when grouping by lookup field data, only when you use single select. So I just want to create the functionality without having to do the double work of entering the exact same data in a different field manually.


While it did provide a temp fix, I still need that drop-down to be dynamic!

Thanks again though…


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