Possible to convert a string into a decimal


I’m trying to make a column show different currencies.
I’ve got a column for price and a column for € price and formula field that is controlled by a 'currency switch' which determines if the price in the formula field is shown in or €.
My problem is I need to multiply the formula field with another field but it’s now a string as it has either a $ or a € attached to it.
Is it possible to take and convert the numbers in the string back into a decimal?


Yes it is:


Sorry about that question - completely did not look the most obvious place of all for an answer.
But thank you for flagging it.


No need to apologize – it’s not entirely clear what exactly you would enter as a search term to find that answer easily in the support docs anyways.

I searched for “Convert text to number”, and the answer only showed up as the 3rd option in the list, and even then you have to read the subtext carefully to catch it:

Happy to help by pointing people to the right place in the support docs.