Prefilling a Form with Emoji

Hi everyone!

I’m surprising myself by not being able to figure this out. I swear at one point or another I had been able to pre-fill an airtable form with a field that includes an emoji.

For example, I want to pre-fill a single-select {Status} field in a form with a status of

:calendar: Consult Scheduled”

I’ve tried it with the actual emoji character as well as with UTF-8 (hex) encoding (which is what Airtable spits out if I wrap the emoji in the ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT() function - see below).📆%20Consult%20Scheduled

Neither of these work. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Should I just forget about the emoji? Maybe try a different emoji? :slight_smile:


Does the “:calendar:” icon is on your list in the single-select record?
it’s must appear there first so you can “call” it with the link.


Yes, that is an option in my single select field :slight_smile:

It works for me…
Which browser are you using?

Welp, I’m feeling pretty silly at the moment. I had other parameters in my URL and forgot to include another “prefill_” after my ampersand.

My actual URL looked like


When it should have looked like…


:woman_facepalming: Embarrassing. Thanks for taking the time to help :sweat_smile:

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