"Print" data as RTF

When I go to output a grid view , I can save it as a .csv file, print it to a printer, or “print” to a pdf file. I’d also like to be able to save it as a Microsoft Word / Rich Text Format (RTF). Additionally, I’d like this functionality when I “print” a page designer report.

Hi Kathy,

Are you aware that you can open a PDF in Microsoft Word?

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Yes thank you. Unfortunately, the conversion from pdf to .docx frequently results in awkward reformatting. I’d like this feature to save / print as Word / RTF because users might create a “template” draft with data from the database and then edit it to add more content that is better authored from a word processor.

Understood. That makes a lot of sense; data capture and enhancement at the edge of the business process.

And nothing says “poor interoperability” more than these three letters (PDF), am I right? In any case, this is a good suggestion and I hope it gets traction.

I can’t think of a native work-around to this requirement and Zapier’s Airtable-to-Office 365 connectors do not support documents.

I know precisely how to make this happen in the Google Docs ecosystem and it’s export metods are RTF/XSLT compliant, but that’s a long run around the barn for something seemingly so straightforward.