Regional Support (Time, Date, Currency formating)


Hi everyone, the title basically sais it all :smiley:


Support a different decimal mark

I may add, a Global Setting with:

Time Region
Currency Symbol
Time Format (24h)
Date Format

Whould already help, does not have to be automatically.



Hey Patrick,

Thanks for posting!

Right now, you can use any symbol you want for a currency, but it’s per column not a global setting.
We’re working on time and date formats, that should be available in the next couple of weeks.



It is indeed possible to use any currency symbol, but in some parts of the world it is customary to write it after the number, like 100500 €, not €100500.



In this matter, it would be very gentle from you guys to make able the calendar not to start on sundays… we look at calendars starting on mondays and its really confusing looking at it in other sequence. Hope you can make this option!





I agree with everyone in this thread. Lay persons (in the US) use Sunday, while accountants use Monday for start of week. US uses Mmm dd, YYYY while EU Uses dd-Mmm-YYYY, and millitary uses YYYY-MM-DD. US uses AM/PM while EU and millitary use 24HR. Crucial.



These are all great, specific suggestions, and we love hearing them—the more we know about how you all would like to use time/date/currency fields, the more we can implement future changes to these fields in a thoughtful, considered way.

In the meantime, we do have the DATETIME_FORMAT and SET_TIMEZONE functions, both of which you can use to reformat dates. It’s not ideal, but it might be useful as a stopgap measure for some of you.



In addition to date / time format and currency position discussed in this forum, I would suggest to incorporate

  1. currency amount to be expressed in words. e.g. if the amount is $125.35, this function would express as “$ One Hundred Twenty Five and Thirty Five Cents only”. Such functionality is required in many business applications like writing cheques or printing invoices. It will be very useful in financial applications.

  2. Basic date format are available but One more date format is suggested: dd/mmm/yyyy or mmm/dd/yyyy where mmm is first three letters of month e.g. Jul for July; Dec for December etc. This will provide uniformity in printing dates because dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy have different connotation depending on country.





Hi there,

it’d be great if you could support different decimal marks in airtable. For example, in most European countries the decimal comma is commonly used for this purpose. While this is not a big deal when you’re working with a small team, it can lead to quite a few mistakes when collecting data, e. g. using a form view.




absolutely this one as well as choosing whether the currency symbol is before or after the amount. it is disappointing how often simple features take way too long to appear for international users.

partly related to the 2nd pont by @Parashar_Shah (unless im doing something wrong) when I use the formula to display dates in the 3 letter month format and sort it in a view it does so alphabetically which it obviously shouldnt or am I doing something wrong?



The custom currency symbol is awesome, it suits the needs of my team perfectly…well almost, the ability to select which end the symbol appears would take things to the perfect level.



So when is more international formatting support coming to Airtable (especially the decimal comma)?
The lack of it is holding me back to wholeheartedly recommend Airtable to my clients.



@Katherine_Duh: Any progress on timezone support either globally, by user or by field? We’ll take anything! Airtable works great for my international team in so many ways, but having dates and times confused due to TZ issues is very unpleasant.

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@Katherine_Duh Hi! I’m new here, so hope this post is not misplaced. Currencies are a problem as far I could test them (we Europeans write a thousand twenty euros and 30 cents 1.020,30€ or 1020,30€). Isn’t it possible to use the system settings for dates and currencies?



The currency format is completely wrong for some international users… The “point” is used as a delimiter for thousand and the “comma” for the tenth (eg. cent).
1,2333.20€ means the completely wrong thing in Europe… it should be formatted as 1.233,20€…

It’s very important to change this and add an option “use decimal comma” or “use decimal point” for the currency formatting



You nailed it Frank, that’s how we need it over here in Europe.

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In Sweden we use the “SEK” or “:-”, and it is always posted AFTER the value.

Ideally I would like to have a “prefix/suffix”-toggle on the currency symbol



I was seeking on this forum this issue.
Hope the developers will add this function asap.

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Hi There !
Is there any news regarding the european format of numbers (using “,” instead of “.” for decimals). It is really critical in Europe !



Bumping the topic as it seems it gets forgotten and overlooked…

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