Request: Multiple Y-Axis data sources in Charts

I believe this will be a fairly common request and it’s something I noticed right off the bat when designing a dashboard interface for one of my “aggregation tables” for an e-commerce store that’s being fed data from Shopify.

Use Case: New Customers vs. Churned Customers in a given Cohort Year
Currently, it seems I have to create two separate charts, like so…

Ideally, I would like to lay these two charts “on top of each other.” They’re both drawing data from the same table, so the X-Axis is the same. The Y-Axis is just 2 different columns’ values in the same table & rows.

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I found the Airtable chart app a little too simplistic - your best bet is to reach out to Airtable Support with a new Feature Request.

Until then, look into the App Vega-lite, although I can’t advise if it’ll structure your chart exactly as desired - I suspect it will. The main problem with Vega-lite is that you’ll need to read the manual, and from my experience it’s not very beginner friendly, however if you have a weekend or two to spare then you’ll hopefully achieve the result you’re after.

Erk, just realised though - I don’t think Vega-Lite can display on the new AT Interface… so back to putting more pressure on Support for both Chart improvements AND supporting Vega-lite in the new Interface.

Welcome to the community, @Brian_Gumm2! :smiley: This might be doable if you can get the data into a single field, but that depends on the field. (I built a chart the other day that had overlapping values depending on the field content, which is why I think this could work under the right circumstances.)

Before going farther down that road, though, I need to ask: what two field types are currently driving those charts?