Run Script on field change

I didn’t see this discussed but it seems like something that would be extremely valuable.

Is there a way to run a script upon leaving a field or when a field value changes?

Hi Matthew,

There is now as long as you have some development skills in Javascript.

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I saw this but is it active? I don’t like the idea of needing to have a view to catch changes to X or Y field. Perhaps a generic view based on modified date for a short period - so that it re-enters that view on any change.

But being able to trigger code based on any given field changing would be far more elegant and powerful. Common actions should be captured - new record, deleting a record, entering bad data, etc.

Yep - until granular events are supported, this (or many external approaches) are the options.

This limitation will lead to many new views being created that could be avoided with your elegant approach. But, this is a significant step forward and it’s beta, so the dev team is waiting to hear your input.

Yes, but you need to request access to the beta using the form listed on the linked thread. I’ve been using it for a bit, and it’s pretty slick. However, I agree that a more granular trigger system would be nice.

This is definitely possible with the current setup. And while the text in that linked thread only briefly mentions it, new records can also be triggers. I’m hopeful that the trigger options will expand over time, but how quickly that happens is unknown.

I’ve requested access. We’ll check it out. Thanks for the responses.

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