Scrape data from website using automation?

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if someone might know how to help with this.

I’m looking to paste a LinkedIn URL into a field in a new record, and have this event trigger an AutoFill for the rest of the cells in that record, sourcing the data from the relevant fields at that URL?

Paste URL for User A
Source and AutoFill:
First Name
Last Name
Profile Picture
About Me Section
Phone (If any)
eMail (If any)
Job Titles

Is there any way to create an (automation/integration?) to AutoFill fields with data sourced from these kinds of specific fields on LinkedIn, or any other website?

I hope this isn’t too complicated, this takes forever to do manually, ha.

Thanks everyone.

Hi @Paul_Tierney

One way to do it, is by using Integromat. They have a LinkedIn app and an HTTP app.

Although, you will have to check into it for your use case.

Hope it helps.

Mary Kay

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If you don’t mind coding, this could probably also be done by making calls from Airtable (most likely via an automation’s “Run script” action) to the LinkedIn API. Here’s the starting point for that:

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AKA, scraping.

Many people believe [wrongly] that scraping Linkedin is illegal. It’s not. But it does violate their ToS and if they can tie your scraping activity to your company’s account or otherwise, they can terminate said accounts. Furthermore, you could spend a lot of time and money creating a scraping approach only to discover Linkedin has some very clever AI models running at the firewall defending their systems against scraping activity. As such, it’s probably not wise to scrape that content and far better to use Integromat or the Linkedin API as recommended.

In both of these legitimate approaches, there are access costs - programming and sometimes activity above the free access tiers. Linkedin’s API itself is free, but this could change.

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