Select multiple linked records with "Ctrl" or "Cmd"


When adding linked records to a column you can only select one at a time. This means you have to click “Link to a record” and re-enter the search term each time. Would love to be able to hold down “Ctrl” or “Cmd” and select multiple linked records at once. It would be a big time saver.

Multiselect in linked record field without going back and clicking ADD again

Hello I have a similar request, is there any update on this feature or a work around?


Oh, yes! That would be of so much help if it would be possible to link multiple records from another table in one step, without leaving and re-expand the cell. We use the “link to…” field to like a load list for a container. At the moment it’s a pain to expand the cell, select one item from another record, and redo same procedure maybe 50 times. A filter like “any of…” would be great, too. This way we could select all linked records for a specific customer of item name.

AND EVEN MORE IMPORTANT for us: the search for the linked record must not be limited to only the primary field. Please think about extending the search for linked records!

Thanks a million!



yes, selecting multiple items in the link popup would be amazing. and also the ability to search in a different field than the primary as well


For the LOVE of all that is holy. PLEASE!!!


yes please… add a select/deselect all as well while you guys are at it. :slight_smile:


+1! Little things like this make all the difference for efficiency and usability


Totally required. I was just experimenting with this myself.


Agree that this would make the product much more usable.