Send record automatically when a condition is filled

Hi Community !

I would like ti send a record (exactly the same than when we are on the table and have a right click “Send the recard by email”.
I’m okay with the condition and the email field. Just don’t find the action to send the record under this format.
I looked to add a column with the record url but I can’t find it (function ?)

Thank you so much in advance.
Nathalie/ France

Hi @NEPCO - you can use an Airtable automation with the action being “send email”

Within the send email action you can insert the Airtable record URL which is a direct link to the record.

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Hi Jonathan,

Thank you to help me.
I tried but I’m lost when this window opens :slight_smile:


If you click on the “+” against “Message” you should see something like this:

(The record from step 1).

If you click on the record, you will see the items below it - the fields in your table, plus some standard record data such as the record id and the record url:

Hover over the airtable record url and you will see “insert” pop-up. Insert put this value into the email message (which I think is what you want). Continue takes you to the next level of data for the element of the record (e.g. length, uppercase, etc, in this case, probably not needed).

Does that work OK?

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You cannot directly send an email through automations the same way that you can “send record” in the user interface. You can compose the email body and pick individual values from the record in the message body. You can also use a “find records” action to find the record and send the resulting grid in the email message.

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Hi !
Yes it’s work but the recipient has to sign in to see. It’s impossible for some of them (corporate policy).

But thanks it will surely be usefull soon :slight_smile:

Hi Kuovonne !

It works !
Thanks !!!


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