[SOLVED] Hide Fields in Calendar View


As in other views (I.e., Grid, Kanban), I would like the ability to customize which fields are hidden/visible in the Calendar view. When embedding a calendar view on a website, ALL fields for each record are visible in the expanded view of that record. I would like the ability to select which fields can be seen in that expanded record via the “Hide Fields” function for Calendar views.

Practical example: I am using the Calendar view on my website to show bookings for a facility. For my records, I have customer contact information tied to a record. However, I don’t want that visible to the public on the Calendar view. I only want the date/time fields and a few other select fields visible in that particular view.


Now looking for the same feature :blush:


Agree that this is a much needed feature.


I agree: it would be very nice to have.


This would be a great addition. Alternatively (additionally?), have the ability to disallow the expanded record when embedding a calendar view.


Hey folks! This feature has been available for a few weeks now—apologies for not bringing it to the attention of this thread. You can hide which fields appear in your calendar view share links/embeds by expanding a record in your calendar view (any record will do) and hiding fields from within the expanded record.

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