Support of the Google Calendar API


Add support for the Google Calendar API which allows a bi-directional communication between the Calendar and the client. Events can be changed in the Google Calendar and this is instantly reflected in the client eg. Airtable. But the most important thing: the refreshing over iCal feeds with Google is very slow, sometimes people don’t see their update in days.
Because the Google Calendar is the most used/important calendar support of the API would make much sense.

Sync Google contacts and calendars

I see the ability for one-way updates using Zapier. This is nice, but is a long way from calendar sync, which would be an amazingly useful enhancement.


My company could be strongly influenced to adapt Airtable if our Google Calendar had 2-way sync functionality with Airtable records.


Yes! GCal has been notoriously bad about the timing and frequency of their syncs with 3rd party apps.Todist has recently found a way to allow for instantaneous 2-way and it has changed my life! If only Airtable could utilize whatever finally worked for Todist, it would drastically change the effectiveness of follow-up reminders/appts using AT!! Please, please!


I thought Todoist’s gcal sync was amazing, until it screwed up a ton of my recurring task due dates, watch out for that! Their change detection was not functioning right, one of their reps wrote me late last year: “We indeed still have some bad issues with GCal integration that may cause various problems with dates as we and Google have different models of date support :(” I turned it off pretty quickly after reading that…