Switch rows and columns display in Grid view

I have a table with many fields but only a few records. Horizontally scrolling to see all the fields when there’s a lot of empty vertical space feels weird.

Is there a way to flip the display of rows and columns so the screen space is used more efficiently for these kinds of tables?

To be clear - I’m not talking about pivoting the data. I just want to see rows vertically to make best use of the space.


I am looking for this function as well to easily update records quickly by pressing enter to get to the next field down…I have many questions to ask and I find the form option a bit slow and long in form. Please let me know if there is any way to do this. Thanks!


I am also looking for the setting to change the grid orientation. Has anyone found the answer to this? Would be ever so grateful!! thanks

looking for something similar also. (i know you can do it copy pasting, excel or otherwise…) but when you work with many tables and alot of data this can not be the best long long solution… did anyone figure out please if poss in airtable?! thank you in advance