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Adding new element to multiselect field

I want to add a new element to my multiselect field. For example, multiselect field is teams and it already has team A, team B, etc. but 'team C' is never inserted. It's a new value for the field.I am doing this: (in python)at = airtable.Airtable(set...

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Gallery view attachments not loading - iOS app

I have the most updated iOS version of the app and I’m having issues with my cover photos loading for the gallery view.I see others had this issue in the beginning of May and they were told with the update it should be fixed- I downloaded the app rec...

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Using Form on Mobile

So a big reason I chose airtable was that it had an app, so that myself and my other user could input data in the field. Except now that I've spent dozens and dozens of hours building something with forms etc, I see that forms don't actually work on ...

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Conditional Formula (IF & AND)

I'm trying to set up a formula and could use some help. The first part is simple and is working: IF(Actuals <= {Approved/Expected Amount}," On Track"," Over Budget") However I would like it to provide a different result ("Profit") if the Type of reco...

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Boolean search inside attachments - 2023 update?

Hi Folks,We have one or more attachments (pdf, docx mostly) per record, and want to run a Boolean search on the content of these documents. This is similar to how you can search in Google Drive, Dropbox etc.@kuovonne I saw some of your suggested work...

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Linking records limited to a view not working as expected

I have two tables: Employees and Licenses. I created a view, named Current Licenses, on the Licenses table.  This view ensures that only the active license for an employee is displayed.I linked the Employees table to the Licenses table, specifying th...

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 1.08.30 PM.png
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Resolved! Team Member Can't Access Airtable

My boss - who has been using Airtable with the rest of our team for years - has suddenly been unable to log into the site and gets a privacy error whenever she tries:None of the rest of our team has any problem accessing Airtable. She has tried using...

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Lookup Field not retrieving values from

I have two Tables in the same Base.One field in the table (APPAREL) should look-up the value in another (SC APPAREL SYNC)Here is the Field (TEST2) in the APPAREL table which should look up the SAMPLE COORDINATOR in the SC APPAREL SYNCAs you can see, ...

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fashion pants community on airtable

Certainly! Here are some ideas on how you can create a fashion pants community database on Airtable:Pants Inventory: Create a table to track various types of pants available within the community. Include fields such as pant style (e.g., jeans, trouse...

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Email notification after form submitted have stopped

I've been running a form for 2 years and a few weeks ago I stopped getting email notifications when a new response was submitted. I've gone in and toggled on/off on everything but it hasn't changed.Any one else have this problem?

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