Sync data with Google Sheets

I use Airtable for something related to website data. I have a table which is a list of pages/URLs from a website, which was extracted from Google Analytics. The key is the URL/page but it also contains data such as the volume of page views and other statistics about the page.

In an ideal world I want this table to update automatically, so e.g. the data is always about the most recent month.

I know there is a zapier integration but I can’t get my head around it, mainly because what happens if someone creates a new page in the source data i.e I am not just updating records based on changes to the data in Sheets, I need to also populate new records. Is this multiple Zapier integrations??

Hi @Jonny_Longden

It sounds like it might be easier to use Integromat.

I have set up personal scenarios, for myself, similar to what you want to achieve and it probably can be done. You would have to further investigate this, to be sure. Integromat has a support forum on Facebook.

You may find it a bit cheaper to use Integromat, but you would have to do some research on the cost of the plan and operations.

Hope this points you in the right direction.


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@M_k is right - Integro is a bit easier to understand than Zapier, although both do require some concerted effort to master. Using wither of these services do allow you to update and add new records based on the new records in your Google spreadsheet.