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Calendar view on mobile isn't responsive?

Hi. When looking at a calendar view with a shared link on mobile the user has to swipe around (e.g., left and right) to see all the days of the month. Also, when clicking an event, the popup with details is larger than the screen. One can click the d...

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Understanding how paid plans work amongst a team

Hello, I am trying to understand more about the paid plans, and who exactly on the team needs to pay for plans to access bases that use paid features. We use airtable for our general employee handbook. Although everyone needs to access it, only the a...

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Forms -

Good day.Looking to add to an existing form where we can rate each proficiency without having to create a field for every proficiency like this.  Typically, yes, there'd be a field for each proficiency with a single select, but does anyone know if th...

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How to send a message to someone

Just joined A friend wants me to join her "group"? Don't know if that is the right termAnyway, How do I find her organization\company\group whatever it's called hereHow do I send her a message?  

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Conditional questions on forms?

I am trying to set up a form that will collect requests for a dozen kinds of products from users (eg, shirts, hats, mugs...) I have a limited amount of each product available.Is there a way to omit certain questions if the limit for that product has ...

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Adding data

I have a blank line chart. How do I add data to it?

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Resolved! update linked record with fillout ?

Hello everyone,I have a specific need that I can't seem to solve. Basically, my database includes training dates with multiple participants. At the end of the module, we ask the trainer to evaluate each participant on at least 5 criteria.So, for each...

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