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I built a base to track my medicine but need a time field type to improve it. Any chance that could be developed? You probably want to build in standard time where user can designate their time zone and what is known as military time.

Duration or Time Calculating
Duration or Time Calculating

Hello @Alan_Stokes, I would recommend reading the following Support articles that I think will help you. In essence you would use the DATETIME_FORMAT function in a formula field (referencing your date column) and format it to include the time in 24-hour (military) standard of your choosing and with the time-zone you wish.

Please note you can also set your time zone on the original date field by setting it to “Local” date format when configuring the field. So, you may not need to worry about the time zone in the formula field. And, on the date field if you choose to include time you have the options of 12- or 24-hour time formats also.

Article 1 - Supported format specifiers for DATETIME_FORMAT

Article 2 - Formulas and date fields

Article 3 - Date/Time field configuration

Hope this helps!


While I love the date/time field, I would also appreciate a separate time field. Because my Airtable is being exported and sent to others that require separate date and time columns, I am having to retype all my dates and times to align with that. I would really appreciate having a separate time field to go alongside the current field, or just the option of having the time with no date just like I can have the date with no time which would make it easy to switch over without losing or having to retype all of my data. It would also be much easier and more user friendly and less time consuming than figuring out how to use your formulas and formats. I have already tried a few times, but it never turned out right and I don’t currently have any more time to try and figure it out. Hopefully after I have finished this task, I can take time to figure it out before I need it again.


I agree with the usefulness of a field that is JUST the time in hours and minutes for timesheet style purposes. Currently seeing if I can make what I want to do work without that. Hopefully this suggestion is implemented - either as its own field or as a format of the number field?


Time in hours and minutes without any specific dates is super useful. Another common use case is to log the amount of hours put into project work.
Need to be able to use arithmetic formulas to manipulate values to - many of these seem to exist already, for example, DATETIME_DIFF(). As long as we can aggregate hours and minutes (maybe there are cases for seconds, or even fractions of a second). The catch is that hours have a base of 24, minutes and seconds have a base of 60, and fractions of a second are base 10 (tenths, hundredths and so on). Not sure whether a format of a number field would work here. Though there’s definitely a case for the date independent Time Field Type. :slight_smile:


:+1: for this feature.
Till then I have figured out a rather convoluted way of doing a time based arithmetic. I first convert a time string to a date time field and then add hours there and convert it back to a time field. This is what the formula looks like:

DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD(DATETIME_PARSE(((DATESTR({Your Date}) & " ") & {Your Time}), 'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm A'), -1, 'hours'), 'hh:mm A')


Time on task - needs a time field type. Checklist for Planning Usability Studies gives time on task as an essential metric of usability testing.

Airtable is an awesome platform for user research data. Adding a time field type would allow us to collect and analyse data from usability studies. Pretty please with a cherry on top?


I also would like a separate timestamp field. I’m keeping track of some financial transactions, and I need to specify both the starting and the ending time. And since I use the date to group records, now I have three date fields: one just for the date and being able to group, another for the starting time and still another one for the ending time. It seems a bit redundant having the date three times in each record.


Another usability tester here, chiming in with the request. I know this is an old request, but I still don’t see any way to put in time separately. In my case, our tests are pretty short and a min:sec field would be perfect.


For time-only fields I tend to use a datetime of 1970-01-01 HH:MM, and create a second formula field with DATETIME_FORMAT(_From, 'HH:mm') for display, hiding the original except when editing. So yes, a dedicated time-only data type would be good.


+1 for a duration field in hh:mm:ss format (and that can be treated as a number for sorting and basic numeric functions)


+1 from me too. I’m making a base to record coffee roasting data and want a field where I can record how long the roast took until first crack and second crack.


I agree! This would also be useful in creating an event schedule or tracking total running time on segments of a video or podcast, for example.


+1 tracking time in this is hard without a time only field


A time field would be a total game changer. I’m thisclose to switching to using AirTable all the time, but without a time field … it’s a no go. Pretty please add this feature.


From a recent broadcast message from Airtable:

We’re excited to share a new field type with you: Durations.

You can configure a duration field to represent a length of time measured in minutes, such as the length of a meeting—or measured in seconds, such as the length of songs or video clips.

Durations are displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds: “1:23:45”. Otherwise they work just like number fields when you want to filter, sort, group, or summarize your records. They work with formulas, too: you can format a DATETIME_DIFF formula result as a duration, and you can reference a duration field in a DATEADD formula (in both formula functions, be sure to provide ‘second’ as the unit).

Durations are supported on our web and desktop apps today, and will be supported on our iOS and Android apps in the coming weeks.


That’s good news! I will check it out right away. Thx for sharing.


Hmmm… Maybe it is not implemented yet? I couldn’t find it yet. Any suggestions where I can find it?
Regards André


Duration is a new [and, as of yet, undocumented] field type; when I go to reconfigure a field, ‘Duration’ is directly below ‘Date’ in the drop-down menu.

I don’t think it’s a beta offering; however, as @Shani_Taylor said in her letter, it’s currently supported only on web and desktop apps. (You should have gotten the same message. To check, from your Airtable home page [the base selection page], click the ‘?’ help icon and select ‘Contact support.’ In the ‘Contact Support’ window, select 'See your past conversations` on the left-hand side of the screen. If you did receive it, it will be in the list of ‘Conversations with Airtable.’ If you didn’t receive it, it pretty much says what I posted in my earlier reply.)


Thanks. I will check that. I do know that the option is not in my dropdown menu.
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Would be great.