Triggering back gesture in Chrome (on MacOS) when scrolling to the left


Every time I try to scroll left using two fingers on one of my tables, it is triggering the touchpad’s back gesture in Chrome.


It’s very annoying, but you can turn that off in trackpad settings. I set mine to three-finger swipe instead of two-finger.



In which views are you running into this issue (grid, gallery, kanban)?


Yeah I figured I could turn it off in trackpad settings, but was thinking it was maybe a bug? It doesn’t happen in Google Sheets. And it happens in the grid view and also kanban, but not all of the time.


I experience this in grid view. Very annoying.


To turn off the two-finger swipe scrolling through pages, go to System Preferences > Trackpad > More Gestures > Swipe Between Pages, then select “Swipe with three fingers” from the dropdown.


Will this be fixed? It doesn’t happen for any other project organization website - it’s most definitely a bug here.


In which view types are you running into this issue (grid, kanban, etc)?


@Kasra I am seeing it in the grid view. It manifests on and off. I am on Google Chrome.


Thanks, and just to verify: does it happen when scrolling directly over grid view? It’s expected that the back gesture will trigger if you scroll above the view, for example in the view bar or table tabs area:


@Kasra For me it (triggering back gesture) does happen when scrolled directly over the grid view. Latest MacOS and Chrome Stable Channel.


Hi Kasra !
When I use google excel, as the others, I can use my two fingers on the trackpad to the right and the grid goes to the right. And do the same thing to the left and the grid goes to the left. But when I do that on airtable, in grid view, it works when I move my fingers to the right, but not when I move them to the left. When I move them to the left it trigger back gesture
(I’m using MacOS and Chrome) .

Many thanks,


I experience the same thing - seemingly only in Chrome. I cannot reproduce the problem in Safari, and obviously it doesn’t happen in the Native app.

MacBook Air 2011
Latest version of MacOS X
Latest version of Chrome

(sorry for the choppy gif - my computer goes to crap when recording a gif):


Same issue here. only in Chrome. very annoying


I’m having the same problem, and finding it very frustrating.

Mouse directly over the grid. It often scrolls a little bit before triggering the back gesture. One way I’ve tested this is by initially scrolling vertically, then scrolling to the left (drag fingers to the right) and while I get a bit more horizontal scrolling by starting vertically, it still changes to the back gesture partway through.

Here’s a video showing the problem:


Same—would be very nice to have this fixed, also happens for me in Chrome/OSX, and does not happen for google docs or any other wide-scrolling sites. This happens for me when scrolling to the right as well, which Chrome doesn’t allow unless you have a page in your forward history, which is a common situation for me because of accidentally pressing back on account of this issue. I’d rather not have to modify the scroll settings for my entire OS just to solve an issue with one website (but I will).


I have this problem and it’s very annoying. It seems like a heavy handed work around to change my computer settings for one website. Any update on fixing this?


Also experiencing this issue with latest MacOS, Chrome, Magic Mouse.
I expect to use single finger swipe on web pages to L-R scroll. When L or R scroll is not an option, same action (single finger swipe) navigates back or forward, respectively.
In Airtable Grid view, swiping to scroll left in table always navigates back.