Video File Playback


It would be great if video attachments could playback like all other attachments do.

  • 1 This would help me convince my clients to use Airtable. It would be great if we could playback from an embedded Vimeo file, if uploading directly to Airtable is too unwieldy.


The web-based project manager we just moved from (which shall remain nameless) allowed .mp4 files to play and provided a thumbnail preview. This was really helpful in being able to recall video associated with certain projects, when assigning them to freelancers.


We use Airtable for UX research purposes. It involves lots of screenshots and screen recordings. Not being able to play a recording directly from Airtable is really painful because it significantly slows down presentation and discussion on UX research findings listed in Airtable.


Using airtable for digital asset management for our paid marketing marketing programs. Love being able to preview all the static assets but we’re increasingly using video more than anything else. This is a real pain point.


+1 desperately need this feature for digital curriculum management


Need this feature! Please help out Airtable, thank you :slight_smile: