View Multiple Fields in Calendar


I am trying to put together a bill payable calendar for all our recurring monthly bills so I don’t miss the payment dates. I have gotten as far as to get them all to show on the date they are due and they are color coordinated by the payment type (ei: check, cc, etc) but I would love to see the Amount field (Currency $) and the Vendor field (single select) both in the calendar view. Is there a way to make that happen?


There’s not a way to show multiple fields in the title of calendar items, but a workaround that is commonly used is to make your primary field (the first field on the left) a formula that concatenates all the info you want to see.

So first, you’ll need to duplicate your current primary field (which it looks like is the “Amount” field) so that you have an “Amount” field that is not the primary field. Then, change your primary field to a formula field with a formula like this:

{Vendor} & " - $" & {Amount}

The & is a “concatenation” operator in Airtable formulas, so it just combines whatever you pass on either side of it as text. So in this case we are combining the vendor name, a space, dash, space, dollar sign, and then the dollar amount (that amount will carry out of a currency field as just a number, it doesn’t carry the currency symbol out with it, so we supply it manually).


You may find that your dollar amounts are chopping trailing 0's off, so you could get fancy if you want to keep those for aesthetics sake:

{Vendor} & " - $" & {Amount} &