We still need a simple TITLE CASE (PROPER) function alongside UPPER and LOWER

Users have been calling for a simple TITLE CASE / PROPER function since 2016.

And I know, there is @Bill.French’s wonderful script - Field Tweaker - that allows you to reformat a field as either UPPER, LOWER, or TITLE CASE.

However, the script doesn’t work when the field is a computed field, as it is in my case.

The fields I need text formatting control over are computed from different sources. I need versions of those fields that are UPPER CASE - which is easily achieved via the UPPER() function - but I also need TITLE CASE versions (for reasons I don’t want to bore anyone with).

Again, if there was a standard PROPER() function in Airtable, this would be a piece of cake.
I am sure I am not alone with this request.


100% Agreed!

I ended up working around the issue you are encountering with the calculated field by creating an automation that would take my calculated field & re-enter it in another field as plain text - I then use Field Tweaker to Proper Case my entries. The problem with this is that I am then waiting for the script to be applied across 10,000+ lines, rather then the formula tackling it from the start.

Very much needed! 80 views in two weeks, help us Airtable!

I’ll add to the chorus, would love this functionality.