Webhooks for Records


+1 for webhooks

To receive direct POST from ecommerce to update order.completed table and manage inventory…
Not really working well with zapier since it do not read properly the JSON data…


+1, we definitely want to see webhooks.


Big fan of this idea! Consider me interested as well.


+1, webhooks would make our life so much easier!


no webhook yet? +99999999999999999 for webhooks :joy:


+1. I hope it will be introduced soon.


+1 this feature would be invaluable. Please sooner than later!!


:+1: from me as well and subscribing.


+1 vote. Is there a way I can see if this feature is approved?


+1 for webhooks. Much more extendable with them.


Is this feature planned or coming soon? It would be invaluable!


+1. Without this, I’m forced to use Firebase


+1 for this. Would be simply awesome.


+1 Absolutely necessary. Workarounds are kludgy at best.


+1 for webhooks! - vital for what i need!!


+1 for webhooks! I want to trigger APIs on https://viasocket.com/


Documenting the WebSocket api could also be really awesome.


+1! At least via Zapier.


Are there official statements about a timeline for webhooks? +1 from me


+1 for webhook, i need two event: create line, update line.