Weekly email digest of both old and new records in a view? (Trigger issue)


I would like to set up a weekly email summary of both old and new records in a view. So for example, I’d like to keep track of projects that are “On Hold”. So I’ve set up a view that filters in all projects whose status is “On Hold”. Once a week I would like Zapier to look at that “On Hold” view and then send me an email summarizing a list of ALL the records in that view.

Currently I’m having issues with the trigger. I was using this guide “Get summary emails with new Airtable records in a view”: https://zapier.com/apps/airtable/integrations/email/14103/get-summary-emails-with-new-airtable-records-in-a-view. However, I’m having trouble adapting it so that it’s not only new records, but also previous records that have not moved from the view since the last digest summary email.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I would also like this feature. Basically the trigger should be permitted when recoded goes into view again. This appears to be a common request in this community.