Why can't I delete the grid view in my base?

With 5 sheets in my base I’m trying to delete the grid view for each. I want to do this to make sure that only the gallery view is available on my website. But, Airtable is not allowing me to delete it, do you have any other methods?
Alternatively, is it possible to just make sure that only the gallery view is visible for all 5 sheets in the base after embedding?

Hey there! You should be able to show the gallery view on your website by sharing that specific view from here:

This will share only the Gallery view, regardless of any Grid views you have. I think you need to have at least one Grid view on any table as a minimum

Hey! I’ve already tried that but this link only lets you share one table from the entire base at once. I need to embed the entire base but with only gallery view visible and not the grid view.
If you have any solution on how to make gallery view the primary view after embedding even that would work!


Hey! Thanks for the clarification. Can I ask - What is the use case here?

To do what you need, you can just make the Gallery the top view, by dragging it up with your hand - That will set that tab’s default to be Gallery. Then you probably want to make the Grid view visible by only you

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If there is only one Grid View, you can’t hide it completely from others by making it a personal view. You can hide some fields, but viewers will be able to un-hide those fields in the embedded view if the entire base is shared.


I did not know that @kuovonne - Thanks for the tip! :pray:

Thanks guys! Also, is there any way I can remove blocks from being embedded when I embed my base?

Embedding a block is a completely separate operation from embedding a view. When you embed a view, that only embeds the specific view of that specific table, and nothing else: no other views in that same table, and no blocks.

It’s also not possible to embed an entire base at once. If you want to embed the gallery view from five different tables, you’ll end up creating five embeds.

One possible way around this is to design the target webpage using a tab structure of some kind, so that each embed goes to a different tab. It will still be five embeds, but one per tab, so it’ll kinda-sorta feel like switching tables in Airtable itself even though it’s five completely independent embeds.

Actually, you can now embed an entire base at once. It also appears that you can choose whether or not you show blocks. How those blocks appear depends on the specific block. For example, Scripting block doesn’t appear to work in an embedded view, but Search block works just fine.


I stand corrected. I don’t recall ever moving my mouse over that last share option, so I didn’t know it was for embedding!

Still, it’s not possible to pick which views of each table are embedded. It embeds every view whether you want it or not. Based on that, I’d still recommend creating a tab structure on the website, and embedding one view per tab.