Why views are showing differently under my two accounts

I have two Airtable accounts, and try to migrate one table to another account.
However, views are showing differently under two accounts.
This is very annoying and can not be configured by me so far.
See Attached 1 and 2.
I want it to show as Att2.

It looks like you have 2 different tables selected. Views are specific to each table, so maybe the wrong table is selected?

Hope that helps.

Hi Ryan, Thanks for reply.
No I selected the same table.

The new-style view picker has only been applied to selected accounts, chosen (as far as I can tell) completely randomly. It’s purely by chance that one of your accounts has it, and the other one doesn’t.

omg!thanks for you frank reply. But however, can I ask Airtable to enable it for my other account?
I have one work account and the other personal account. And I wanna say during these days I am really enjoyed using it and spending hours figuring out different features. Coz I like organized so much and thanks for Airtable!!!
And that’s why I wanna it for my personal account.
Please cosider my request. Thank you again!

You can definitely ask them. Just to be clear, I’m not an Airtable employee. I’m a fellow user like you. You’ll need to directly contact Airtable support to ask about having that alternate view switcher turned on for your account.

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