Zap to pull the first (or random) row from a view?

Is there a way to craft a table/view and a Zap to always pull the first row from that view, when there is no known search key for that view? Alternatively, I’d settle for being able to pull any random row from that view.

It does not appear that Zapier’s Find Record has the ability, since I won’t know the key in advance (these are rows that need to be pulled into a Zap, worked on, then updated so they disappear from the original view, which means the first row will then become something else). And other recommendations on random finds seem to revolve around knowing autonumber ranges etc, which again, I won’t know, since these numbers will change as records disappear from the view.

Anything else anyone can recommend?

Welcome to the community, @Beaudry! :smiley: I don’t do a lot of stuff in Zapier, so this is partly random brainstorming, but here’s one way to approach the problem.

Begin by making a formula field that only has the RECORD_ID() function. In Zapier, set up your trigger step (whatever you want to kick off the zap: webhook, timer, etc.). For the second step, use the Airtable “Find Record” action event, and search that formula field in your desired view for “rec”. Because every record ID begins with that, it will return all record IDs.

The next step would be Code by Zapier, where you would write a short piece of code to randomly select one of the returned record IDs and pass it to the rest of the zap, which would do whatever processing you desire and update the record so that it falls out of the view.