Zapier integration update to make updating external / zapped records possible

The problem with zapier is that it will always zap a record only once (even if it reappears in the same view). Therefore, updating an external record (say a job post) using zapier is currently not possible (without a complicated workaround*) because Airtable does not give you the option to feed zapier a modification time stamp instead of the record ID.

Would it be possible to update your zapier integration so that by default zapier sorts the records by the record ID but that you’re able to choose another field to sort by instead (like a modification timestamp)?

Many thanks,

  • The workaround I am currently using is that after zapping a record, a new, identical record in Airtable is created (using zapier) and the old one marked for deletion. Thus with a new record ID, I am able to update it - but it’s cumbersome and does not work in all use cases.