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Airtable Alumni (Retired)

Hope everyone's week is going well!

Airtable has an entire universe of templates at your finger tips. This week we want to know what templates have have been your been most impactful for you? and why? If you haven't spent much time exploring all of our templates, you can find all of the magic here

Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend! 

The Airtable Community

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Honestly? The only thing I have found templates useful for was to get ideas for fields and dashboards when building something when I didn't have existing subject matter knowledge.

The few times when I considered starting with a template for a production project, I found that the template would need so much changing that I was better off starting from scratch. I was better off building only what I needed than using a template and ripping out what didn't apply. I saw projects where other people started with a template that had stuff they didn't need and a few months or years later they didn't understand their bases and didn't know what was important and was just leftover stuff.

Back when I was first learning Airtable there were far fewer templates and they were fairly basic. If I hadn't already understood relational design, I think they would have been good for learning about relational design and how linked relationships worked. 

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I was hoping to find templates for interfaces?  I am struggling with Dashboards and would love to have a starting template to do daily count and open cases.