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Updates to Our Pricing Plans

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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hello, Airtable community! I'm Nitya, senior product marketing manager here at Airtable. I wanted to share more information about recent changes to our pricing plans. 

Over the past few years, we’ve released many new products and features – including new sync integrations, extensions, and automation capabilities – and the way customers use Airtable has evolved. We’re updating our plans to ensure people have flexible options based on their needs, reflecting feedback we heard from customers and how they use our platform. For example, many Pro plan customers have asked for access to features that were previously limited to the Enterprise plan, and that extension limits were too stringent. 

Our new plans give customers a progressive journey as their organization’s use of Airtable becomes more complex, mapping the features and functionality that customers need with their stage of growth. Below is an overview of the key changes we’ve made and some background on these changes. 

Updating the Airtable Free Plan

Airtable’s Free plan gives you the ability to start building your own flexible apps. We’ve updated the Free plan to be more reflective of the types of usage we see from customers who are just getting started building apps in Airtable. With the changes to the free plan, you'll continue to be able to build your own flexible apps, but will notice a few changes in our storage capacity and limits. 

Specific changes to the Airtable Free plan include:

  • Bases: You’ll still be able to create unlimited bases to manage your workflows 
  • Record limits: 1,000 per base
  • Attachment storage space: 1 GB total storage per base
  • API limits: 1,000 API calls per month before rate limits are imposed. You can review current rate limits in our developer docs.
  • Sync integrations and extensions: These will now only be available on paid Airtable plans 

If you’re a Free plan customer, there’s no action required on your part, but you can manage your plan and review usage at any time by visiting your workplace settings. If you are over the limits of the Free plan, none of your data will be removed or deleted from Airtable, but you will see notifications that you have exceeded new limits or are using functionality that is no longer available. If your needs exceed what’s included in the Free plan, we offer multiple paid plans that can help you manage your work in Airtable.

Creating a New Team Plan for Current Plus and Pro Customers

We will replace our current Plus and Pro plans with a single offering for small teams: the Airtable Team plan.

As an Airtable Team customer, you can create tailored apps for your team that power critical workflows using features like Gantt and Timeline views, forms, and advanced controls including private views and table permissions. 

For Airtable Plus customers

Plus customers will get access to the Team plan features without any increase to your bill. If you're a Plus customer today, you'll have the features you enjoy on your current plan, with a few updates including:

  • Increased storage and record space: Scale your data with 10GB of storage and 50,000 records per base
  • API limits: 100,000 API calls per month before rate limits are imposed. You can review current rate limits in our developer docs.
  • Sync integrations: You will still have access to Airtable’s most popular sync integrations like Google Docs and Slack, but certain sync integrations like Jira and Salesforce will only be available on the Business and Enterprise Scale plans. 
  • Basic permissions: Manage your team’s data and access with field and table editing permissions.  

For Airtable Pro customers

Pro customers will be automatically migrated to the new Team plan and will see similar functionality to what you’re currently using on Airtable today, with a few updates including: 

  • Extensions: You can now add unlimited extensions to your Airtable bases
  • Automations: 25,000 runs per month
  • API limits: 100,000 API calls per month before rate limits are imposed. You can review current rate limits in our developer docs.
  • Attachment storage space: 10GB total storage per base
  • Sync integrations: You will still have access to Airtable’s most popular sync integrations like Google Docs and Slack, but certain sync integrations like Jira and Salesforce will only be available on the Business and Enterprise Scale plans. 

Although the vast majority of customers will not exceed these new limits we recognize that some of you will be impacted and do not take these changes lightly. If you’re a customer with bases over the Team data limits, all of your data will still be available in Airtable, however, you’ll need to upgrade to add any more attachments or records or continue using any active sync integrations available on a higher capacity plan.

Improving How We Serve Enterprises 

Finally, we are introducing two new Airtable plans geared towards multi-team organizations. Airtable Business is for small businesses and departments that need advanced features and basic admin capabilities, offered at $45 per user per month on an annual plan and $54 per user per month on a monthly plan. Smaller organizations can purchase Business on their own, and we encourage larger organizations to contact our sales team to discuss the Business plan. Enterprise Scale is for large enterprises building flexible and powerful apps that can scale across their organizations, and pricing is customized to the organization’s needs.  

If you are currently on Airtable's Enterprise plan, you will not see any changes today. Your account team will provide more information to your organization’s admins and billing owners so they can choose the right plan prior to your contract renewal. If you’re interested in learning more about these plans today, you can contact our sales team.

Looking for more info?

We’re here to help you throughout the process. To get more information about migration timelines, what happens if your account is over limits, and to see a full overview of the changes, please review this Help Center article

11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Can't say I'm thrilled with this announcement, quietly disappointed actually - so much so won't even bother to leave my real thoughts. Essentially, I've signed up and paid to use Pro, I and now it's been taken away from me - as mentioned by others "Bait and switch". Not only taken away from me, but the users that I've also set-up with Pro - you've essentially given me work to now figure out and resolve with my users and their management.

Similarly to "Plus" plans always having that vibe of a second-class citizen to "Pro" - now I'm getting those vibes for "Teams" in the face of "Business" plans.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Many are going to have to upgrade and pay x2 pricing, but they will get a lot more records and Attachment storage in return, that's got to count for something 😉

unless they don’t need more records, and just need multi-source syncing or one of the other things being arbitrarily removed.  Then that doesn’t count for sh!t.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@nityadb you getting these replies? Its kinda embarrassing being the face of such a stupid change for some of your biggest evangilists lol.

Most of us on here have probably on boarded colleagues / other companies and teams onto airtable plans and we get a smack to the nutsack in return lmao.

Never knew being so anti-customer was the new business trend. Oh well, beware beware building on someone else's platform.

The mission for everyone should be: Build on airtable, scale up to see if it is viable then once you get to critical mass begin your own systems to shift over your company and massively cut down on your costs.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Taking into account the increase in the number of records, is there any improvement on the overall performance of bases and API when going from Legacy Pro to Business?

We have seen that after you have a base with more than 1k records, performance gets lower, as the interface loading takes time, and when using third parties to inquiry such as Miniextensions, Bubble, or Parabola, te times are painful. Hopefully this is also addressed with this change?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@nityadb  I think we all appreciate that you've addressed some of our concerns regarding the API limitations, but it's frustrating to see that you're replying to (and thus, reading) our concerns, but then see you entirely ignore everything other than the API.  Can we please get some comments on:

  • Cutting multi-source syncing and "custom" syncs from Pro
  • Cutting email support
  • The reasoning for removing these features in the middle of year-long contracts
  • The reasoning for only giving us three weeks to react to these changes

Your loyal evangelists are eagerly awaiting a response. 

9 - Sun
9 - Sun


Just a suggestion in the spirit of disclosure and respect for your client base.

Since the last response from support on API request monitoring was

"We’re working to provide better ways to monitor your current usage in workspace settings and will have more to share soon."

Would it not be more fair to postpone the conversion of existing Pro accounts to team until after the way to "monitor your current usage" has been implemented, and existing Pro account users are given sufficient time to monitor and evaluate?  Thirty days would probably be reasonable.



4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have been experimenting with various bases and found a workflow that works well with my budget and use. If I recall, there was a paid plan for 9/mo which I was getting ready to pull the trigger on. It was the main reason I started with Airtable, because the upgrade path was within reason for resources I projected would be needed.  I do not use much bandwidth in terms of API calls and only use 2 extensions across 10 small bases. Now, it seems the 9/mo is gone and replaced with 20/mo?

$240.00/year to essentially to keep 1 custom script I wrote that sums and ranks a few values in a table is not something that works for me. I really do not understand why there isn't a light plan for light users with API throttling.

It's strange that the price increase comes shortly after AI integration which, at this moment I have no plans to use, yet.. 

Why not give us the option to pay 9/mo for access to 2 extensions per base, and 2 gigs? Heck, I'd even take 1 extension. Or charge me per extension. 

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

If anyone has a list comparison of all the airtables alternatives would be great

So that people that wont continue on airtable like us can see what are the best alternatives

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Totally disappointed by this change just like all other airtable users. Pro plan users, just like me, seem to be hit the hardest here. Lots of cuts and downgrades, while the price remains the same, essentially giving us just 2 options, upgrade to Enterprise or go to an airtable alternative.

We've been on the Pro plan for few years now. Our company runs around it. And these sudden downgraded changes is forcing us to look for alternatives. You should honor the legacy plan or give 1+ year to migrate. 3 weeks notice is not going well, and causing lot of heartburn against Airtable.

Re-think your decision please.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

At the very least, the proposed API restrictions should be paused until Airtable is able to display API usage. You'll be potentially killing business-critical functions while giving zero visibility. We can't plan for it if you can't show us.

As an aside, I'd have hoped such significant changes to plans would have been applied to forthcoming customers, allowing current customers to continue on the previously agreed terms for an extended time at least.