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Re: Pinterest post via Hootsuite Automation from Airtable - not available

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Too bad, I was excited about the addition of Hootsuite integration. While it does allow post text messages to social accounts like twitter or instagram, it doesn’t allow me to post to Pinterest, it asks to select a social media profile and apparently Pinterest is not being considered as a social media profile (it’s not even listed as a social account in Hootsuite but it is there as a separate connection for itself).

What is also missing is place to put URL, which is required for a Pinterest post. Not available in the Automation window. Also not available is ability to specify which Board on Pinterest I want to post to.

So unfortunately this doesn’t work.


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Great. I’ll take a look. I couldn’t see they offer Pinterest integration though. Have you seen they do offer it?

In the meantime I searched and found which I am currently looking into and which apparently can post to Pinterest from RSS feeds and I can get RSS via Zapier. I know, it’s one glue holds another glue in a chain flue reaction :winking_face:

Bardeen allows you to build your own recipe.

I see, I’ll need to look further. Their concept is very interesting and could potentially be a solution to another problem I was dealing with and for which I found a semi-manual solution … entering data in a form based on Airtable data. I am exporting CSV from Airtable and them entering the data into another form online I need using Table 2 Form - Chrome Web Store … (they also have another extension doing form to table)… and … Excel Data Filler - CTH - Chrome Web Store

There is better way using but I am not a programmer and UiPath is more than I could chew.

So the Bardeen looks interesting since it does offer datascraping, hopefully they will do data filling, since it’s basically the same thing but in reverse.

by the way - I can see Bardeen also offers ready integration with Deepl Translator which is great given how much is Deepl better than Google Translate.

Yep - all credit to @openside who called this out to me.

I have spent a lot of time on this and I think I found a solution so I’d like to share in case somebody looking.
@Bill.French suggestion using Bardeen would be great and I found it has many other uses (wow) for example Bardeen allows reading The Economist without paying subscription.

However, I just couldn’t find way to use Bardeen easily for a non-programmer like me.

Here are solutions I found for Pinterest bulk uploads:

Note, if you are selling things, to have your product prices displayed on your Pinterest pins (that is just above the pin item title), you need to be a verified merchant. But even without showing the price, you can still include the price in:
a) the picture (use Cloudinary to process text overlay)
b) the title in Pinterest allows max 100 characters (but only the first 45-50 characters show in search results)
c) the description (max 500 charters)

Ways to upload:

Option 1

Generate RSS feed from Airtable using Zapier RSS workflow and then upload that RSS feed using Dlvrit to Pinterest.

Option 2

Generate directly feed from Ebay to Pinterest using RssGround - Can generate feed simply by searching for items sold by a user or based on keyword and category etc… however, can not post to Pinterest directly. I would need to use Dlvrit to post to Pinterest. This service has also other uses for affiliate marketing feeds.

Option 3

Manually add the ebay listing as Feedly Saved for Later and Zapier will then create a posts in Pinterest.

Option 4

Publish directly from Airtable to Pinterest directly via Integromat (Pinterest not available right now)

Option 5

Publish directly from Airtable to Pinterest via Zapier (requires premium subscription)

Option 6

Publish directly from Airtable to Pinterest via AutomateIO (NOT available yet - it says it will be available soon)

Option 7

Publish directly from Airtable to Pinterest via Integrately (works!!)

Option 8

Publish directly from Airtable to Pinterest via Pabbly (works!!)

Option 9

Publish from Airtable to Pinterest via CoSchedule and Zapier (CoSchedule sends to Pinterest, Zapier is connection between Airtable to CoSchedule). CoSchedule is great for marketers but too complicated to use for what I need.

Option 10

List the photos to Instagram first and then Zapier or other workflow tools post to Pinterest.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’ve had terrible problems with Instagram recently. Coincidentally, at this very moment, I ordered a cheat of likes and subscribers using the smm panel. I didn’t know what to do, I had to check the result somehow. I even thought I had lost my account. It lasted a week, then I was able to log into my account and the result of the cheat surprised me very much.