Sending one email to multiple accounts

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Hi Everyone, 

Happy Friday!

Looking for a little bit of help. I have a record of emails in one table titled "Clients" and in another table labeled "Appointment History".

For every time the status of an appointment is changed from "booked" to "completed", I want to send an email to the client for customer feedback. The current automation  I have essentially updates ALL statuses from Booked to Completed at Midnight. 

The issue I am running into (I think) is my record ID. For the "to" section under the "Send Email' Action. I have chose the following 



upon testing to see if it will work, I get this error

"Invalid email address in the "to" field: rec---" 

from what it appears, I need to seperate multiple emails with commas, however I am choosing the emails from a list in a table. Do i have to insert a comma or a semicolon at the end of each email address in my table to make this configuration work? 


Thanks in advance


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Hmm, when inserting stuff as a list it adds the commas for you automatically between each found record's values, so that should be fine.  If you could provide a read only link to a base with some example data in it I could take a look at your automation for you!